E-tendering (Electronic Tendering) can be defined as

“Automation of steps involved in tendering process. It Deals with electronic preparation and exchange of tender documents and includes inviting receiving and opening of offers from suppliers”


Philosophy of E-tendering

  • Quality audit of vendors at the time of registration to ensure good quality vendors
  • Adopting E-tendering for high value, high technology material procurement


E-Tendering at Stores

Procurement process is a completely On-Line E-Tendering process. There are two individual E-Tendering Processes:

  • Procurement at Central Purchase Agency (CPA) – Corporate Office, Mumbai is carried out on http://cpa.mahagenco.in site which is under Chief Engineer (Stores) at CPA.
  • Procurement at All Power Stations (PS) – is carried out on http://aps.mahagenco.in site which is under Chief Engineer (O&M) of respective Power Station.



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