Awareness for clean environment has been increasing worldwide day by day. Various efforts are made by Central  &  State  Government  for  controlling  the  pollution  in order to preserve the environmental conditions. Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change (MoEF) and Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) are  issuing  the different notification concerned with the environmental norms.

With global rise in industrialization, the deforestation  and depleting numbers of forest is one of the major Environmental challenge / problem being faced. Tree plantation and monitoring their survival are the basic corrective measures to be taken to avert the futuristic adverse conditions.

Tree plantation is one of the most effective tool for elevation of deteriorated environmental  conditions.  As  such,  Maharashtra  State  Pollution  Control   Board (MPCB) has laid down General Conditions  in  the  Schedule-IV  of  Consent  to  Operate that, “Minimum 33% of the open available land shall be under green plantation.”

All Power Plants of MAHAGENCO take active participation  in  carrying  out  Tree Plantation every year to increase the green coverage area in and outside the premises of Power Plants.

The Details  of Tree  Plantation  in  the  year  2021  is  as  below:

Total no of trees planted previously  298409  1315760  185160  583327  260709  17391  507100
Trees planted in year 2021  NIL  106  NIL  7400  420  NIL  24400
Progressive no of trees planted up to Dec. 2021    298409    1315866    185160    590727    261129    17391    531500
              Species of tree plantedNeem, Shisu, Karanj, Amaltas, Awala, Jambul, Kashid, Bakul, Bahuniya , Kawat, Baheda, Papdi, Sirus, Moha, Bamboo, Anjan, Sabda etc.kawath, Bamboo, Karanji, Chinch, Kadunim b, Aawala, Bel, Sitafal , Fanas, Jambhul, etcMango, Lemon, Guava, Fanas, Ashoka, Badam, Karanji, Kadunim b, Pimpal, Bamboo etcVarious Bamboo species supplied by M/S NEERI, Nagpur.Amalltas, Kadam, Shisam, Karanja, Khair, kadulimb, Awala, Behda, Herda, Saag, Bamboo,Am batchinch, jambhul,Aap ta, Raintree,Kas hid, Shitaphal, Chiku, peru, Bel, Bakul etc.Mango, Chiku, Ashoka, Bamboo , Anjuna Neem, ChaphaMango, Neem, Banian, Jambhul , Karanji, Pimpal Etc.


Peace Park , Eklahare Colony,  Nashik Thermal Power Station
Nashik TPS Administrative Building garden

Peace Park Garden in Eklahare Colony of Nashik TPS is a beautiful place for spending leisure time for the senior citizens and the children of the employees working in the Thermal Power station. There are facilities of Kids play area, Jogging Track, Yoga & other exercise facility etc. making it a popular destination in the colony. 

Tree Plantation done using the new advanced ‘Miyawaki Method’ has added yet another feather in the cap.  Miyawaki is a technique developed by Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki, that helps in building dense forests. Miyawaki approach makes sure thatten times faster plant growth resulting into plantation that is thirty times denser. This method involves planting many native saplings in the same area. It helps in absorbing thirty times more CO2

Gases which results into clean air, thus ensuring healthy environment for the residents of the colony. Also it helps in restoring the natural habitat for various species of birds and insects/butterflies etc. It also acts as a sound and dust barrier. Looking into the quick and multiple benefits of this method, another garden is also developed around the Administrative building of Nashik TPS.