Corporate Environmental Policy

Last updated on ऑगस्ट 24th, 2022 at 03:02 pm

Environment & Safety Management Activities of Mahagenco

Mahagenco strives to maximize power generation from all its Themal, Gas, Hydro and Solar Power plants while taking into account the Environment protection and sustainability. All the power generating units of Mahagenco are operated in strict adherence to the notifications and its amendments issued by Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change and Maharashtra Pollution Control Board.

Mahagenco has adopted its own Environment Policy.

Corporate environmental policy is hereby adapted by MSPGCL to develop eco-friendly and sustainable power generating plants and their infrastructure. Corporate policy shall cater to the needs of policies and regulations besides promoting a healthy environment of growth and development. Environmental sustenance would be the crux of corporate environmental policy.

MSPGCL is focused to adapt the following as a part of corporate policy.

  • To generate sensitivity towards environmental issues and conduct the activities accordingly.
  • Follow an Integrated Environment Management and Practices.
  • To utilize natural resources efficiently.
  • Conservation of natural resources and developing green zones.
  • Pollution mitigation practices and its eco-friendly management.
  • Train and sensitize human resource of the Company towards environmental issues.
  • Adopting clean, green & environment friendly technologies to minimize pollution.
  • Promoting vendors and stakeholders associated with the company to adapt sustainable practices for environmental protection.

MSPGCL Environmental Policy (EP) is founded on the concept of Sustainable Development and thereby recognizes Environmental and Social (E&S) considerations in its business operations to add value, minimize impacts and risks to increase effectiveness of development projects for the benefit of the state.

MSPGCL is committed to comply with its Environmental Policy, applicable environmental laws of the land be responsive to existing and emerging global environmental concerns on a proactive basis.

MAHAGENCO strongly believes in conservation of natural resources through maximum recycling of resources. Towards this purpose, MAHAGENCO has ash water recovery systems, recycling of Effluent from ETP/STP etc.

In pursuit of this and to minimize the intake of fresh raw water from river/dams, MAHAGENCO has installed 130 MLD sewage water reuse & recycling project at Bhandewadi, which supplies treated sewage water of Nagpur city to Koradi supercritical Plant.

MAHAGENCO also intends to install similar project for other power stations. This may result into availability of more raw water for the nearby community for agricultural/domestic purpose. Zero water discharge is an ultimate target set for all Thermal power stations.

Rainwater Harvesting and artificial lake formations or Jalayukta Shivar are also practiced to support water criticality.

MAHAGENCO as part of its commitment to the greener and cleaner world, has planted Green belt all over available land in & around of all power stations premises. Tree plantation drive is regularly conducted at all power stations.

Various Initiatives and Activities taken by Mahagenco