Recycling and reuse of STP treated waste water at NMC at various TPS

Last updated on ऑगस्ट 9th, 2022 at 12:57 pm

Mahagenco is first company in India to enter into an agreement with Nagpur Municipal corporation to treat and reuse wastewater from Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s Bhandewadi Sewage project with view to minimize use of fresh water in power generation.

110 MLD from stage 1 (total capacity 130 MLD) and 50 MLD from stage 2 (Total capacity 200 MLD) water is used for Koradi 660 MW units. Also, 40 MLD water fro stage 2 is used for old Koradi units and 100 MLD is used for Khaperkheda units.

Status of Existing & Proposed Projects

Sr. NoNMC nameTPSCapacityBOD of tertiary treated waste waterCommissioning dateRemarks/ Status
1Nagpur Municipal Corporation, BhandewadiKoradi110 MLD lessless than 5 mg/l.21.07.2016Operated On EPC basis
2Nagpur Municipal
Corporation from Bhandewadi
Koradi100 MLD………05.06.202023 Km from pumping station to Koradi TPS.
The NMC has given right to sell tertiary treated waste water to M/S. M/s. Nagpur Waste Water Pvt. Ltd. (NWWMPL)
3Chandrapur City Municipal Corporation (CCMC)Unit 8 & 9, Chandrapur50 MLD
Pathanpura 45 MLD STP & Rahmat Nagar 25MLD STP
less than 5 mg/l.……..Period of Contract 25 Years
4The Parli City Municipal Corporation (PMC)Parali13.23 MLD……….………..The construction of the sump wel & other sewage network execution work is in progress through Parli Municipal Corporation.after completion of city sewerage network
5Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation (JCMC)10 Kms away from BTPS22 MLD……….……….Under process
6Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation (JCMC)30 km away from BTPS48 MLD……….………..Under process