Last updated on March 31st, 2023 at 03:41 pm

The Management of MAHAGENCO gives highest priority to the Safety and protection of Occupational Health of all employees keeping in view the importance of Human Values.

It is our commitment to adopt safe work culture and ensure safety essentially by all the employees in every day-to-day work in the Power Stations. It is our Moral, Social and National responsibility to Establish Safety Management system, to bench mark and continually  improve  high  standards  of  safety  and  to  strive  hard   to  achieve   the  aim of zero accident and reduce personal injury.

Providing Safety to the employees at work place is the prime concern of MAHAGENCO. Safety issues are discussed in Monthly Operation Review Meeting (MORM).

MAHAGENCO has its own Health & Safety policy. We have implemented this policy at every power station of MAHAGENCO. MAHAGENCO frequently conducts safety awareness programs at various TPS.

At each Power station and Corporate office of MAHAGENCO, a separate and dedicated Safety section with qualified Safety officer is already established. Internal and External Safety Audit is alternately conducted at an interval of 2 years at all power stations.

Mahagenco health, safety & environment policy


KGSC Pophali  
GTPS Uran.
Nashik TPS
Parli TPS   
Chandrapur STPS         
Khaperkheda TPS
Koradi TPS 3×660 MW
Bhusawal TPS
Paras  TPS